Animal Scratching Sound In Wall During Day

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When you hear scratching sounds coming from your walls during the daytime, it’s understandable to feel a bit unnerved. The sudden scritch-scratch noises can disrupt your day and lead to concern about who—or what—is inside your walls. Here’s a deeper dive into this auditory phenomenon, focusing solely on understanding the nature of these sounds and the animals most likely to be responsible for them during the daytime.

Types of Animals Active During Daytime


One of the most common daytime Wall invaders are squirrels. These animals are diurnal, meaning they are most active during daylight hours. If you’re Hearing fast, High-pitched scratching sounds, chances are you’re dealing with a squirrel. They often invade homes in search of shelter or a place to stash their food and are known for their agility and ability to squeeze through small openings.


If the scratching sound is accompanied by periodic chirps, it’s likely that a bird has found its way into your wall. Birds often enter homes to build nests, especially during their breeding season. The sound of their scratching is usually less rapid than that of squirrels and is often mixed with the sound of flapping feathers and chirps.

Rats and Mice

While these rodents are often associated with Nocturnal activity, they can also make their presence known during the day. The scratching sound of a rat or mouse is softer and more sporadic than that of a squirrel, and you might also hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet scurrying along your walls.

Differentiating Among Scratching Sounds

Knowing how to distinguish between different types of scratching can be very helpful:

  • Fast and High-Pitched: Usually associated with smaller, agile animals like squirrels.
  • Scratching Paired with Vocal Noises: Often a sign that birds are the culprits.
  • Slow and Infrequent: Typically, slower, more deliberate scratching is indicative of larger animals, although such animals are usually active at night.

Geography and Seasonality

Believe it or not, your geographic location and the current season can also give you hints about what animal you’re dealing with. For example, in the northern regions where Winters are harsh, squirrels are more likely to seek refuge in homes. During the Springtime, on the other hand, Birds are more commonly found setting up nests in preparation for laying eggs.

Duration and Intensity of scratching

The length and intensity of the scratching noises can also provide clues:

  • Continuous, Intense scratching: This could indicate an animal that has become trapped and is desperately trying to escape.
  • Short, Intermittent scratching: Such Noises are often made by Animals that are merely exploring or passing through the cavities in your Walls.

By paying close Attention to the nature of the scratching sounds, their duration, and when they occur, you can make an educated guess about which animal has decided to make your Wall its new home. This information is the first step in resolving the issue, which typically involves calling a Professional to safely and humanely remove the animal.