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About The Author, Mario Lazano

Mario Lazano, wildlife control expert

Hello, I’m Mario Lozano, and this website is where I share my deep-rooted passion for Wildlife management and animal trapping.

With over 25 years of experience and 19 years of Professional residential Nuisance wildlife management, I am an expert when it comes to wildlife sounds and animal scratching in the attics of homes.

My journey began when I was just 12 years old. Back in 1996, I found myself fascinated by the technique and strategy of animal trapping, a curiosity that gradually evolved into a lifelong undertaking.

In my early years, I worked for no Cost out of a sheer thirst for experience in my craft. I assisted family and friends in dealing with nuisance animal problems in and around their homes which expanded from skunks and opossums to squirrels and raccoons.

In 2000, my commitment to understanding wildlife management led me to be trained by the renowned animal trapper, author and educator, Craig Kaatz of Oak Forrest, Illinois.

That same year, after successfully completing my trapper education course I was licensed as a trapper by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

By 2004, I had successfully passed the Illinois state trappers test, consisting of 100 questions that covered nuisance wildlife biology, trapping methods, laws, regulations and animal Identification such as which Animals create specific scratching sounds in the Attic.

After passing with 95% correct, I was granted a Class A Nuisance Wildlife Control permit.

My career took a vital turn when I began working for A & B Wildlife in Morris, IL. Under the mentorship of nuisance wildlife control expert Brent Hughes, I immersed myself into the nuances of residential wildlife control.

I learned to handle the various challenges presented by wildlife invading human residences – trapping animals on roofs, in attics, under stoops & decks, and dealing with their damages.

I also became skilled at animal damage repair, feces clean-up, guano removal, and animal proofing.

In 2009, I took a leap of faith and made the step of starting my own company – U.S. Wildlife Removal Services, based in Naperville, IL with the help and support of my dad.

I used my many years of experience to help homeowners deal with Birds, bats, squirrels, opossums, skunks, raccoons, beavers, Baby animals, and even dead animals.

A large part of the calls that came in were people frantic about identifying and dealing with various sounds in the attic – which is almost always a sign of a wildlife infestation.

Fast forward to 2017, I established the Wildlife Removal Elite Group. This initiative offers an annual weekend training retreat where we share hands-on knowledge on trapping methods, home wildlife inspection tactics, and wildlife exclusion methods. I also bring in experts in their individual fields to provide education and training on legal contracts, insurance claim management for animal damage repair, and I personally teach attendees digital marketing for company growth.

Apart from my trapping license and Class A permit, the credentials contributing to my expertise also include a bird Barrier Master Certification, a Ridge Guard Certification, a Precision Shooting in Critical Situations Certification, and a PWC Certification.

These certifications are a testament to the training I received from industry stalwarts like Ray Olschewski, James Catchings, Jim Walton, and Richard Hodges.

When I’m not busy trapping or teaching, you can find me contributing to the academic discourse on wildlife management, as seen on my Google Scholar profile.

You can also read the glowing testimonials from my Customers, such as El Whitman, Carol Clark, Martha Foley, and Brian Wojtun, who appreciated not just my professional services, but also the care and concern I show towards every creature I handle.

My mission is simple: “To equally serve protect both wildlife and humans when the barrier between the two is crossed.” 

Please note, this website is separate from my business website. This website is solely dedicated to providing informative value on Wildlife sounds of scratching in the Attic.

Should you have any inquiries or require any Assistance, you can reach me directly at (630) 432-4759 or email at info@scientificranking.com. Facebook ProfileGoogle Scholar ProfileAcademia.edu ProfileMedia Mention.

Together, let’s ensure that the interaction between humans and Wildlife is safe, harmonious and respectful.