thumping noises

Loud, heavy sounds often heard in Attics, usually caused by larger Animals like raccoons.

Raccoon Noises

If you hear noises in your Attic late at night, it’s likely that you have a wild animal or two residing in your attic, scratching on your roof. I’ll run through some of the different types of Noise you might hear in your attic or roof at night: Find out more about these Animals by … Continue reading “Raccoon Noises”

Animal Noises In The Attic

Wildlife Sounds and Animal Noises I’m Hearing Animal Noises in My Attic – What Should I Do? Customers who hear attic noises and believe they have a Nuisance wildlife Problem are usually correct. People who are dealing with this problem need to know who is living in their house. Every year, I receive hundreds of … Continue reading “Animal Noises In The Attic”