flying squirrels

A Nocturnal squirrel Species that often makes its home in Attics, distinguishable by its ability to glide.

What Animal Makes A Chirping Sound at Night?

What Animal Makes A Chirping Sound at Night? We’ve all wondered about owls or crickets, but do you know what animal makes this characteristic sound at night? These Animals often exchange wordless dialogue during the night. These calls can range from short, sharp chirps to long, melodic trills, depending on the Species. Here are some … Continue reading “What Animal Makes A Chirping Sound at Night?”

Animal Noises In The Attic

Wildlife Sounds and Animal Noises I’m Hearing Animal Noises in My Attic – What Should I Do? Customers who hear attic noises and believe they have a Nuisance wildlife Problem are usually correct. People who are dealing with this problem need to know who is living in their house. Every year, I receive hundreds of … Continue reading “Animal Noises In The Attic”